Rusoto supports all regions AWS supports. There is also a Default implementation that reads from environment variables AWS_DEFAULT_REGION or AWS_REGION. For more information and to see the list of regions, see the Region API documentation.

Custom Regions

Custom Regions can be used for interacting with services that behave like AWS services, such as Ceph, Minio and local DynamoDB.

For a complete example of using local DynamoDB, see this sample project.

extern crate rusoto_core;
extern crate rusoto_dynamodb;

use rusoto_core::Region;
use rusoto_dynamodb::{DynamoDb, DynamoDbClient, ListTablesInput};

fn main() {
    // Create custom Region
    let region = Region::Custom {
        name: "us-east-1".to_owned(),
        endpoint: "http://localhost:8000".to_owned(),

    let client = DynamoDbClient::new(region);

    let list_tables_request = ListTablesInput::default();
    let tables = client.list_tables(list_tables_request).sync();

    println!("Tables found: {:?}", tables);